Monday, April 14, 2008

Well Hali is now one year old and she is acting the part very well. She is starting to whine when she doesn’t get something. She runs away when I want her to stay. She rolls all over people if they lay on the floor, Hali seems to be able to carry on full sentences with us and sometimes it makes sense.

For her birthday my dad got her some pj’s and my mom made her a hooded towel. Scott got her a piano. Aaron and I gave her a musical dog and twin babies. The first thing she did with the baby was pick it up by its feet and banged them together saying “patty patty.” She also learned to say baby later that night and says it really well but it some times sounds French, “bebe” Mom gave her a stroller to go with the babies too. Hali and Lizzy both can put the baby in the stroller and walk around with it. When I tell Hali to give the baby a hug she picks it up and hugs it and sways sometimes.

She can point out the nose, mouth and eyes and say “eye.” She can also give the baby kisses if we ask her too. Grandma P* gave her a dress And my friend Kellie got her some books and CD’s she loves them.

She loved opening all her presents and when it came to the cake she actually was not to sure if she shouldtouch it but she finally did and had fun.

A couple of weeks ago she started saying “mmmm” after eating something she liked so when I ask her “is that good” she says “mmmm.” Like with this spaghetti she had for the first time.

A lot of the time she will pick up something and say “what’s this” or at least it sounds like that. You can kind of her it in the video clip.

She also says “ouuu” when she hurts herself. She is working on itsy bitsy spider she can do the itsy bitsy spider part and down came the rain with her hands. On the 8th she went for her 1 year check up and her shots she is 27 ½ inches tall 18lbs 12oz and is in the 25%.

Well the reason I have not been keeping up to date is because we have been remodeling the family room and halls and bathrooms and we are all so busy taking down all the pictures, painting, sanding, pulling up the rugs, shopping, planning you name it. Even though it is a lot of work I enjoy doing this kind of stuff. So here are a few sneak peeks before we put in the furniture. I really want to paint that back wall where the fireplace is but not too sure what color any ideas? Also, below the wood trim in the hallway. Dad is thinking wall paper but I like paint.