Thursday, May 15, 2008

catch up

Aaron and I finally got a Gym membership to In-Shape so we plan on going with the whole family as much as we can. Mom, Dad , the boys, Eva and Dave have one too. The boys and I went last night and had a good time, I am excited to start swimming again!

We have made some progress on the house with painting and rearranging but it’s only about half way done. There are no pictures yet because all of the family will be down here and we want them to be surprised a bit. Starting on Saturday my sister Emma, her husband and her two boys, that I have not seen in about a year in a half, will arrive from Seattle and my sister Sara and cuz Kristy from Idaho will get here on Wednesday. We can’t wait for you guys to get here!

Our first raspberries and peas of the season have been picked and eaten. Everything is blooming and we can see the yellow squash and tomatoes. It is very exciting!

Last weekend Aaron was able to get four free tickets to Six flags form his work so we brought Eva and Tina and got cheaper tickets for the boys. We had a great time we went on a lot of baby rides. Hali enjoyed them especially the little froggy ride! She would say “woah woah woah” point at the frog and smile. Elizabeth on the other hand did not like any of the rides. I thought this was odd because Elizabeth loves going down slides all by her self but Hali will not budge. Anyway we also went to the whale show and got all wet but we, or rather I, liked being close. We also went to the dolphin show and bird show. At the bird show they would have the birds fly down over the audience when the owl came out I stood her up so she could see it and say “ whoo, whoo.” It was about 6 feet away and then flew right over Hali’s head, missed her by a few inches she just said “ whoo, whoo.” We also went on the water rapid ride and I got soaked by the waterfall. The boys went on a few rides and then we went home.
Hali is now 13 and a half months old and is talking up a storm. She cans say “uncle” now as of a week and “mike” since he has been home. We are working on “Dave” and “Eva,” she has said it a few times. Hali signs thank you and sort of says it. She signs please which is very cute when she wants something and says “peas” for please. She can say “more” too. Hali likes to say “apple” for when she wants fruit or wants up- well she can say “up” but sometimes she puts her arms up and says “apple.” It’s really funny. We are working on saying “down” she has only said it once. She learned to say “Hot” on Sunday when we BBQed shish- kabobs on the grill. She also says “here you go” when she gives you something but it sounds like one word. She can spin around in circles with her arms out and get dizzy and says, “woah woah.” Her uncle Mike taught her to “go crazy” where she shakes her head really fast, sticks out her tongue and says “ahhhhh.” She climbs up on anything she can, especially the booster chairs, Elizabeth then tries to sit on Hali and laughs because she thinks its so funny, which it is. She is learning to get off the couch and bed so she does not hurt herself and does well most of the time. Hali also knows where papa keeps his treats and walks in his room pointing to the cupboard and says “ya, ya, ya” Papa usually gives in. Hali loves to pick up purses, put them on her arm and say “bye- bye” as she walks away.