Monday, November 23, 2009


Hali has been using some big words lately. I thought I should write them down before I for get. This is what she has said today and yesterday.

Hali went up to Aaron and said "Chris is pointed"
Aaron-"what... he is pointed?"
Hali- "yes"
Aaron-"what do you mean?"
Hali- "I am pointed with him...with Chris"
I chimed in- "you are disappointed with Chris?"
Hali- "yes I am disappointed with him"
Hali- "he made a mess, there is water all over the floor, he has to clean it up!"

Hali was playing with my moms big exercise ball with Colby I passed it to her but the ball got stuck too close to the couch.
Me "okay pass it to Colby"
Hali-"ahhh" in frustration. "I got to move it in a different direction!"

So I was teaching her how to cut paper using scissors and she said, "wow, that's Brilliant!" I never use that word I found out later she picked it up from watching Bob The Builder.

Hali- "I want butter and jelly sandwich"
Me- "Are you hungry again?"
Hali- "yes can you go make it for me. I will stay right here and watch my movie. You go in there and make it!"

Colby is working on his words too. He says uh-ho, ball,cheese, apple, up and cracker kind of. He can sign more and he says no-no with his finger. He loves singing along with the ABC song, he tries out all sorts of different sounds its so cute!

Here is a clip of just how crazy my kids are watch Colby in the back too!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lincoln Football

Here are some pics of us and Chris at his football game. He is a defensive end and plays very well. The JV team as a whole are doing great! They are undefeated. They only have one more game. Last night they played Bear Creek and whooped them 34-0!! GO Trojans!!

This pic was taken by Dave Wruck
So much better than mine. Thanks Dave!