Monday, November 23, 2009


Hali has been using some big words lately. I thought I should write them down before I for get. This is what she has said today and yesterday.

Hali went up to Aaron and said "Chris is pointed"
Aaron-"what... he is pointed?"
Hali- "yes"
Aaron-"what do you mean?"
Hali- "I am pointed with him...with Chris"
I chimed in- "you are disappointed with Chris?"
Hali- "yes I am disappointed with him"
Hali- "he made a mess, there is water all over the floor, he has to clean it up!"

Hali was playing with my moms big exercise ball with Colby I passed it to her but the ball got stuck too close to the couch.
Me "okay pass it to Colby"
Hali-"ahhh" in frustration. "I got to move it in a different direction!"

So I was teaching her how to cut paper using scissors and she said, "wow, that's Brilliant!" I never use that word I found out later she picked it up from watching Bob The Builder.

Hali- "I want butter and jelly sandwich"
Me- "Are you hungry again?"
Hali- "yes can you go make it for me. I will stay right here and watch my movie. You go in there and make it!"

Colby is working on his words too. He says uh-ho, ball,cheese, apple, up and cracker kind of. He can sign more and he says no-no with his finger. He loves singing along with the ABC song, he tries out all sorts of different sounds its so cute!

Here is a clip of just how crazy my kids are watch Colby in the back too!


Emma said...

Hali is so cute, and a little crazy. Colby is a walkin' fool!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

I love the random things kids will say. It is great entertainment! What cute and fun kids you have!