Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well Aaron is now 27 years and 3 days old! I think Aaron actually enjoyed his birthday this year. Aaron usually tells me not to spend money on him or that there is nothing he wants, but I usually do not listen. It is really hard to surprise him or get him something he wants. Why do people do that to others? It makes it really hard to buy a present. Anyway this year he had no idea what I got him and he liked all the gifts. Especially because he had to play the "Price is Right" game in order to win the presents and the final prize, if he got all the prices right. Aaron is really good at this game and he of course won all the gifts. Happy Birthday Babe! Thanks for a wonderful year together and I look forward to many many more!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The funny thing she does

She answers the phone now. When the phone rings she yells "awwww I'm gonna get it," as she runs for the phone. Then she picks it up and says "hi ... wait a minute"if its for me or continues the conversation with whom ever it is, usually Grampa.

I told Hali the other day to come so I could changer her diaper and she started to leave the room. I told her to come back and she bent her knees and pointed her finger at me and said "Ii'm gonna be right back" (saying right back really fast). She says it all the time and she usually does come right back.

If I ask her where something is she will say, "it's on the couch behind you." or "on the floor behind you," even if it's not but its always behind me what ever it is.

Monday morning she is eating breakfast and she says, "where'd Eva go?" and I said, "to work1" and she says "I don't think so!" (saying the "I don't" part really fast) We skyped Lizzy on Sunday and Lizzy was putting her finger in her nose and Hali said "Lizzy picking her nose... I don't think so." She uses it like we do when she is doing something she is not supose to, she picks up on everything. that afternoon as we drove home from church she says, "Mama... I want lunch...fries...and dip." This girl cracks me up.

Aaron and I finally bought a van 2007 ford freestar because it was only 7900 dollars with 50000 miles and it is leather and a dvd player! Dvd player did't work when they sold it to us but Aaron fixed it so I really like the van it's perfect for us. Hali always asks to watch a movie and she is usually stays quite. Now I fell like I can go places, its so nice.

Aaron took his introductory flight on Saturday and he loved it. It's all he wants to do now- buy a plane, fly a plane, he is pretty excited. He flew a really nice plane it was a 2007 little blue spots plane.He flew over Lake Camanche, which is like 50 miles away. The video footage below is of him flying 30 feet above some hills it was a beautiful day. He is not sure there is enough money in it to make it a career, but something he enjoys. Which I think is great.