Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Liam Elijah Bell

On Friday morning, at 6am I woke up thinking my water had started to leak but waited to go in because I did not have consistent or painful contractions. So I still went to help out my friend do our garage sale. She was very concerned that the baby would come at any moment, but he stayed put. Sat morning at 6am again my contractions started 10 mins apart then 7 mins and an hour later down to 5mins around 8:30, but not really painful. Also if I sat down they were 10 mins apart. We called the Baby Place and they said to come in because I was still leaking and they would check to see if it was my water that broke. We called my sister in law to see if we could hang out there after I was checked because it was closer to where I was going to deliver, about 25 mins away. On our way there my contractions stopped comple
tely. Great, so no baby today, I thought.
We arrived at 10:30am. Once I stood up to get out there was a contraction but I was still thinking they were further a part and would go away like the day before. My midwife checked me and said "Oh you are at a 6, you are not going anywhere. That baby is coming today." Aaron came in and I told him the good news. He took the kids over to his brother's house and came right back. We still figured we had about 8 hours to go before the baby came. It really helped that my Midwife came in every half hour to check the baby's hart beat and every two hours for my progression. So I planned out what to do for each two hours to make time go by faster.
For the 2 1/2 hours I had no horrible contractions. I just walked around the and in the garden trying to keep the contractions coming normally. If I sat they were further a part.

I had fun naming all the plants and watching the cute pheasants running around.
Tomatoes, Broccoli, cabage, carrots beets, corn and zucchini.

There is a cute little path with lots of trees and a bench.
I loved being out there until it got to hot.

The next hour Aaron went to subway and got us some lunch and yummy cookies.
12pm I was at a 7. After lunch the contractions were pretty painful. I would walk around the room till a contraction started then sit on the birthing ball till the contraction was done. I think the ball saved my life it was awesome I totally recommend using one because it relives all the pressure.

2pm I was at an 8!! I planned on getting in the tub at a 9 so I changed into my suit.
So while I walked and sat on the ball, Aaron relaxed on the nice comfy bed. He also put on some of our favorite music on the I phone. It was so nice and relaxing.

I got really tired and took a few cat naps, in between contractions,
next to Aaron for the next hour or so.

At 4pm I was still at an 8 :( I was just a little upset. I decided to get in the tub anyway. I was sticking to the schedule or rather didn't know what else to do. My contractions were hard and painful. I liked the tub because it relived pressure and when a contraction came I could easily get into a position that felt better. Aaron really helped me out when I would forget to breath. Aaron was really calm the whole time and would hold my hand through the hard ones. Thanks babe!!!

4:45pm The water was getting to hot for me. I decided to get out, go to the bathroom and that is when I started to have the most pain. I quickly got back on the ball. The Midwives came in at 5pm to listen to baby. I told them, "I really hope I am not at an 8 anymore because this much pain for 4 more hours would be insane!!"

At 5:15 I could tell I was going in to transition and could not keep it together. All three midwives came in- like three little angels- they were surrounding me comforting and telling me how to breath a little differently. Wow it was just so nice for me to have them there right then when I needed it most. Then they told me I was ready to deliver the baby and asked where I would want to deliver, the tub or on the stool? I decided to deliver in the birthing stool, the quicker method. Two and a half contractions later and Liam was born at 5:31.

Just a few seconds old

Proud Daddy!

4 hrs old!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucky Peak

Our Neighbors/ good friends have a boat and take us out whenever they get the chance. They actually say we are the only family that has time to go with them most of the time. They took us up to Lucky Peak for our first time ever. It is a very beautiful lake. There are several nice docks with covered picnic tables, BBQ pits with grills and places to camp. The kids loved tubing and swimming in the cool water. I want to go there again and camp next time we are available, I guess after the baby gets here.