Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cheney's visit April 2013

Lizzy and JT came to visit for a week while their mom and dad went on a cruise!

All the kids love their veggies especailly when they can make funny faces with them.

Of couse the only time I got them to sit still was while they ate.

It was so nice out we had a few days of doing picnics out side.

We also did our nails with Hali's new nail polish that she got from her Birthday.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hali's Birthday Party

Hali's 6th birthday was a Care Bear/ My little pony Birthday, she could not decide.

I loved how her cupcakes turned out!

Hali and  I had  too much fun making the pinata and decorating the house.

 When her friends arrived I had them decoreate their goodie bags. We also played  a version of hot potato but with a care bear.

 Cake Time!

Pinata Time! 

Braclet And necklace from Lizzy

M&M's and rainbow nail polish from Brook.

Wooden art doll from Aubrey R
Water beads from Ahna.

Hali loved all her presents and could not be happier to have lots of cousins and friends to play with.

I just could not be happier with my Miss Hali. She is fun loving, outgoing and a great cheerleader for me and her friends. I love that she dances and makes up her own songs. She is kind to everyone and thinks of others feelings before doing things most of the time.
I love you Hali and am so proud of you!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Halis' Birthday

Hali Turned 6  on April 6th!
She is having her birthday "party" in  a few weeks when her cousin Lizzy come to town. We always still try to celebrate their Birthday on their birthday. We had a few presents and ice cream cones to celebrate. I also decorated her room and gave  her a shelf to put her books and water on at night.

 The day before to celebrate Hali's and my birthday was to go to Chucky Cheese.

We also closed on Mom and Dad' house. They could not be more happy to live just a mile a way, an adorable house, in a nice subdivision.