Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hali's Birthday Party

Hali's 6th birthday was a Care Bear/ My little pony Birthday, she could not decide.

I loved how her cupcakes turned out!

Hali and  I had  too much fun making the pinata and decorating the house.

 When her friends arrived I had them decoreate their goodie bags. We also played  a version of hot potato but with a care bear.

 Cake Time!

Pinata Time! 

Braclet And necklace from Lizzy

M&M's and rainbow nail polish from Brook.

Wooden art doll from Aubrey R
Water beads from Ahna.

Hali loved all her presents and could not be happier to have lots of cousins and friends to play with.

I just could not be happier with my Miss Hali. She is fun loving, outgoing and a great cheerleader for me and her friends. I love that she dances and makes up her own songs. She is kind to everyone and thinks of others feelings before doing things most of the time.
I love you Hali and am so proud of you!

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