Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gingerbread house

Hali and I made a gingerbread house today. We used Marshmallow fondant because I forgot to buy cream of tartar for the Royal icing. She loved sticking all the candy to the "goo." It was really easy to use and very forgiving.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I Finished Hali's blanket a few months ago.

So I have started on Colby's.

My sister had an adorable hat for her daughter so I took the pattern and did Hali's hat. Then I made one up for Colby.

I made a little jacket for Colby. I just need to add a zipper.
He would not sit still, he kept running away. I got a picture of the back though.

Little things

Here is the last of my garden before the snow came. I was so happy that I got like 6 green peppers this year all pretty good size. I usually can't seen to grow them. Next year I want to do less Zucchini, tomatoes and Lettuce and more peppers and butternut squash and peas. I also want to do one pumpkin plant and one cantaloupe plant.

We came home from a long day, the Y in the morning, shopping and then we went to the "star" Carl's Jr. When we got home I gave them a snack and then went to work in the office. Then Aaron came in and whispered, "come and see your kids!"

Aaron got me a cool rack to put all my canned food on so I didn't ruin our cupboard above the fridge. I asked Colby and Hali to help. I started out putting them down on my stool and Colby came by and picked them all up. I yelled after him, "Colby that's too many put them down." All he said was, "Thank you!"

He walked them all the way out to the garage and came running back for more.

Hali then took them from the crate and put them on the shelves. We had lots of fun!

Picture updates

We went to the pumpkin patch. The kids loved it.

For Halloween Hali was a Butterfly and Colby was a Bee

Our Snow Day

We loved sledding

Making a snowman was a big hit!