Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I Finished Hali's blanket a few months ago.

So I have started on Colby's.

My sister had an adorable hat for her daughter so I took the pattern and did Hali's hat. Then I made one up for Colby.

I made a little jacket for Colby. I just need to add a zipper.
He would not sit still, he kept running away. I got a picture of the back though.


Emma said...

Becca - you are so talented. I hope your readers realize that by "taking" the pattern you meant you looked at her hat and figured out how to make one yourself,in less than fours hours, while taking care of your two adorable munchkins!!!! And you modified it for Colby's hat. Also, you don't have a quilting frame and you are making those beautiful quilts with just a cross stitch hoop.
You are an inspiration! Love ya sis!

Swensen Family said...

LOVE the blankets, soooo CUTE!!

Summer said...

HIs quilt is so cute! i love how they look good together but they are different. You are so good!

kalisarah88 said...

wow, you are crafty! I love the blankets and the hats!