Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day

For Valentines day I made the kids some heart shaped pancakes with bacon and hot chocolate. I know growing up I always enjoyed a special breakfast from my Mom. Hali  said  that it was too pretty to eat. It took her a while to eat it but she just "oowed" and "ahhed" every bite she took. Colby just gobbled it up and had seconds and I think Liam was still sleeping. We exhanged gifts after dad woke up.

Later that night we went out with the Bell's to dinner then after lazer tag. Lazer tag was actually Aaron's and our first Activity we ever did together. At BYU I there is something called an Extravaganza where kids get together for lots of fun activiteis to kick off scholl. We did not even know eachother, just one mutual friend that we had both met that night (Kat).  I thought he was pretty cute but could tell Kat was pretty into him. Although I ended up waiting in line the whole time with him and gettting chased by him during the games.

This sign was right out side the Lazer tag place.

Great lighting and interesting sign, we couldn't help but laguh about it.