Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day

We had a stake Pioneer Day celebration. There was so many fun things to do. I was amazed at all the thought and time put in to it. The whole thing turned out very well. There was a parade the kids got to walk in, singing time, story time, and a general store where we got old fashion hard candy. We made some butter, did some wood burning and there was a petting Zoo. There were also a ton of fun pioneer games but my kids were a little too young to wait in line to play. We also got a hot dog lunch and some yummy ice cream!

Hali and Colby in line for the parade! I had to much fun making their pioneer outfits!

Bells and the some of the Ricks from our ward.

Colby by the hand cart!

Oh I forgot we got to paint this beautiful mural as one of the activities.

They had many real carts and wagons for display.

Hali with the Zebra.

Colby with the goat.
Colby trying to touch the baby pig.


Sorry about all the Smile boxes I am just trying to catch up on pictures and it is easier to download more this way. I hope you enjoy!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 4th of July Parade.


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What to do on a HOT day?

I bought the Kids a few squirt guns and they were dying to try them out. Hali's broke right off the bat so she has a yellow water squirter but it shoots further then her gun, she was so happy.

They attacked Dad as soon as he got home from work.

Then he stole Hali's gun because Mariah and Colby were shooting him.

You better run...
Mariah getting him back.

They Loved it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on Garden and Boise Zoo

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I put in the raspberries

Hali Being Silly and Her New Hair Cut

Colby came running in to tell me that Hali was playing with the markers. I just had to take a picture.

I asked her what she had done...See the little smirk she is giving.

"Mom I was putting on my makeup"

Hali got her 1st officail hair cut about a month ago. For about a year now she did not want to get her hair cut until Christmas. When Christmas came she wanted to wait another year till next Christmas. Only a few weeks before it was cut she decided that she no longer wanted me to do her hair because it hurt when I brushed it. She decided that she would brush her own hair. Hali soon realized she could not brush it very well either. I told her if it ws cut short she would be able to reach all her hair and do it her self. Hali liked that idea and a week later we got it cut. I loved her long Tangled hair but Hali's new haircut fits her little personality just right.
Right before the cut.
So excited!!
She sat still the whole time and watched it all in the mirror like a big girl.

Happy little girl with her brand new haircut.

We were able to cut off 15 inches and donate it to Locks Of Love.

Raftin' at Lake Lowell

Aaron bought us a raft at a garage sale and we have gone out to the lake about 3-4 times now. There is a nice large grassy area with picnic tables with lots of trees for shade that leads all the way up to a sandy beach.

The Kids loved playing in the sand.

Mike visited in April.

I am very behind in updating... Mike was able to visit us for a weekend in April right after he got out of College at BYU for the Summer. He just recently got off his mission that he served in Georgia The kids just loved having him here. They warmed right up to him like no time had past.

Colby loved playing rough and tough with his Uncle Mike.

Hali just loved cuddling with Mike any chance she got.

We would all stay up late just to hang out.
We can't wait till he can visit us again!