Saturday, June 21, 2008


This past month has been somewhat laid back. The whole family was able to be together over memorial week. My sister has the whole week detailed in her blog but for a small recap; we took lots of pictures, ate a lot of good food and had fun watching all the nieces and nephews together for the first time. The other big events have been my brother Chris graduating from the 8th grade and my brother in-law becoming a doctor by graduating from his Chiropractic School. Fathers day was good because the family was together. We have gone to the community pool a few times and played around. Hali enjoyed the kiddie pool but the big pool was too cold for her. We also set up a baby pool out side and Hali loves it.
Last Friday Aaron, Hali, Mike, Chris and I went ate Eddie's Pizza then played two hours of pool. We had so much fun that we went again Wednesday night and played some more. Hali was asleep and Chris did not come this time because he is at camp for this week. We have not done too much else. It’s been so hot these days- we just like going to the pool. Oh, we have picked and eaten our first Yellow squash, cucumbers and tomatoes of the season this past month too.
Tina and John will be moving in at the beginning of July, that will be fun to have them around more. They will stay a few months until they leave for Utah where John will start his own Chiropractic business. Aaron and Mike want to buy a pool table so we can play whenever we want, so they are picking one up right now. Next week we will be going campin’ to Lake Comanche with who ever can come. I can hardly wait I miss camping so much. Then there is 4th of July, Mom’s Birthday, my friend Heather’s wedding, Sara’s Birthday and then Six flags, so July is full.
Hali is still just as crazy as ever, learning more and more everyday. Her new names that she can say are “Na-na” and just yesterday “Grandma,” “David,” “Will,” “Jim” and “John.” She still has a hard time with Elizabeth, it’s just “izbith,” Emma, it’s just “mmma,” Tina is just “T” and Sara and Eva she can’t do yet. Hali gives great hugs and kisses now. When Hali and Elizabeth are together they get so excited to see each other and they can make each other laugh, I love it. They will give each other hugs and kisses just when ever too it’s really cute!
Hali now will climb up the slide all by herself and go down by herself. She sometimes will repeat, “ready set go” or “ one, two, three” before coming down. I taught Hali to march so when ever I say, “march, march, march” she smiles and does it in place and sometimes goes really fast, we all just laugh. I am also teaching her to jump in place; she just bends her knees and says "jump" but it’s fun because she knows what I am talking about. I am also teaching her how to take big steps and that is hilarious to see because she tries so hard to step big, she sometimes does it sideways too. We just like to have fun I guess. She loves to sit on the couch cushions or on balls or people and bounce as she says, “bounce, bounce, bounce.”
Other new words are asleep or sleeping in ASL and she tries to say it by saying “ssss” then sticking out her tongue to get the “L” sound. She signs hurt and says, “ouch.” She signs Thank you and sort of says it. Hali goes around shaking her finger at things she should not touch and says “don’t.” She can say “potty” and “pe-pe” and once pointed to the potty and said, “ya ya” and she actually went, so that was cool. She says, “nose,” “eye,”“bear,”“ open,” “off,” “up,” “down”and “no.” My brother Chris is trying to teach her the ABC’s and he says she can say, repeating them that is, A-J. I don’t think I remembered to mention that I am no longer nursing her and she has been sleeping in her play pen through the night since she turned one, a good 7-9 hours usually. Well I know this was a lot so hopefully I will not slack so much next month.