Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Hali

I was a little photo happy this past week so here are some pics.

When I would change Hali she would always pee as soon as I took her diaper off so for the past month or so I put her on the Baby toilet so I don't have to clean up the mess, its pretty funny because she usually goes every time. She loves to push the handle down because it sounds like a flush then it plays music, she dances to it.

Hali loves bath time so we took a few pictures of that too.
Hali's new words are book and ball so I got them on the camera. She also says a few animal sounds like "mooo", bah-bah" and "doodle dooo" for a rooster -but I have to say them first. For the past couple of days she has been pointing at a wooden owl on the book shelf, Aaron brought it down so she could see it. Then Aaron taught her to say whoooo like an owl, it's cute! I tried to get her to say it but maybe next time. I forget if I mentioned that she says all done, but most of the time it's just "aaaalll." Yesterday we were out in the garden and she herd a dog bark so she picked that up too.
Mom and Dad got a new washer and Dryer and I love them! There is nothing much else going on but Hali I guess.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


If you're tagged, here's what you do. Post the words in all caps below and fill in info about yourself. Then, at the end you tell who you are tagging & go and tag 5 friends on their blogs. It's just a way to get to know fun little things about people.

TEN YEARS AGO.....I saw everything in black and white, I was skinny, I played soccer and danced, it was my life nothing else really mattered… I was 12.

1. Stockton, CA
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Richmond, VA
4. Puerto Rico
5. Missoula, MT ( 1 month does that count)

1. Load up file cabinet and take it to moms work, pick all the oranges and juice them.
2. Cut down the tree in the back, clean gutters and paint the trim.
3. Weed, make beds, and plant the garden when it stops raining.
4. Clean out and organize all closets and take stuff to junk yard.
5. Clean the whole house, make lunch and dinner.

I ENJOY.... working out, going on dates with Aaron, hearing Hali laugh, hosting parties, preparing meals, sewing, scrap booking, watching movies, singing to the radio out loud with my sisters and dancing.

1. getting angry sometimes when someone is angry at me.
2. Forgetting my phone when I leave.
3. Usually forgetting to take my vitamins.

1. I can sing and want to be in the ward choir.
2. I like to read books. I want to finish all the volumes of the Work and the Glory.
3. I wish I could speak another language.
4. I danced for about 17 years; then stopped; I wish I never did that.
5. I go to bed early so I can get up early before Hali and Aaron to exercise and run.

1. Office assistant.
2. Tutor/ after school programs.
3. Grounds keeper (watered plants.)
4. Secretary.
5. Worked for Aaron in PR (Slave…j/k)

I tag: Emma, Amber and Katie

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interesting week

Last Sunday before Church our washer flooded part of the house and we have been busy trying to get rid of all the water and find a new washer and dryer. Mom and Dad would like the ones that are front loading so Mom can reach and pull out everything and plus they are energy efficient. We hope that we can get new carpet or wood put down soon so Hali can roam the hallway once again.

I have enjoyed being back in our home ward and seeing so many familiar faces and many new ones. I have been substituting a lot for Primary and I gave a talk last week. Aaron has been called to be one of the teachers in priesthood and he too has to give a talk this week in sacrament meeting.

I am having fun watching Hali grow and learn more everyday she gets so excited and loves life. She is now saying bye, hi and as of today she can say book. She also has started to point at people and talk to them, like, hey you! Listen to me. Hali should be walking pretty soon she can take up to 8 steps now but they are not very stable.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Standing up!!

Hali is now 10 months old and she just learned how to stand up all by herself yesterday. I am trying to get some good footage of Hali dancing and snorting so you can all join in on her humor.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I have been meaning to update but we have been so busy this month. Aaron has finally got his Internship finalized. Yeah! He will be working for General Mills in Lodi as a safety officer. He will be working on a six month project on salary, so I am glad it is temporary, I hope we can learn from this experience. In the
meantime, he has been doing work for Apx, which has worked out really well. He does installs about 3 times a week and a service call or two a day. So, we have a cash flow finally, and he is still around most of the day.

We have been able to do many projects as well. Scott and I have put together 3 loads of junk for the junk yard and Dave used his new truck to take two of them already. The backyard and house are now slightly looking better. Scott and I have also finished his wall paper and it looks great. We cleaned up Mike's room so the babies have a place to play while the girls do some scrap booking and or sewing. Aaron and Scott mounted the projector to the ceiling so we can watch movies on the big screen!

Hali is learning more and more everyday- it's crazy. She took her first few steps on the 13th and we have been practicing everyday. We got her one of those little push walkers so she uses that as well. Everyone says she will be walking soon, so that will be fun!! She says uh-o now every time she drops something or just gets stuck on the uh part and says, “uh- uh- uh-uh”, it’s funny. A couple days ago she learned how to throw a ball and she can now toss the ball to me and I toss it back, she loves it. A few times she hits her self on the head or throws it behind her and then says, “uh-o.” She also loves her johnny jump-up. She spins herself around and around. It's great when I need to do something in the kitchen. She is becoming very independent. She wants to feed herself and I can only sneak in a few bites when she is not paying attention. So meal times have become pretty messy. Hali now has two bottom teeth and is cutting all four on top. Luckily she likes to brush her teeth and does not fight it. Oh ,and she can say “Becca” but I don’t think she know I am Becca she just mumbles it when she plays. She is so funny because she talks as if you knew what she was saying, she looks at her toys, points to things, looks at you talk, talk, talks, then laughs as if she had said a joke or something. Then when you ask her a question she says “yea”. When you ask for something she has picked up off the floor she will hand it to you, which is great because she won't put it in her mouth usually. She now says “pa-pa” all the time and sometimes “ball” we are working on Scott but she can only say “ott.” She sometimes copies the word thank-you but it needs a lot of practice. We are also working on our animal sounds, she can meow sometimes.

I forgot to mention that we went to the Kings vs Mavericks game on the 15th. It was actually a very exciting game. Tina was able to score us some tickets, so we surprised John and Aaron with them on Christmas. Hali loved all the music at the game, So she rocked out the whole time.

Well Since it is the new year I have decided to try something new to stay in touch with family. We had a great Christmas here in California. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching Hali open up here presents and play with them. We loved having Sara and William home with us for a few days; we were able to Christmas carol together once again, play games and watch movies. It was also great to have sit in babysitters when ever I needed. my new favorite game to play is Blockus I thought I was pretty good at it until I played Scott and Mom they are really good at it.

We had a fun New Years Eve party once again. Eva and I enjoyed making all of the finger foods, spinach dip, fondue and yummy desserts. Hali was the life of the party as usually, she danced to all the music played, clapped and laughed when any one complimented her. Once everyone came we played a few games then watched a movie till midnight.

Now that the new year has started I am trying to work on getting the house in order and doing what I can so mom has more time to rest, like make dinners and stuff. Dad would like me to help him keep to his diet (which should help me too)! I am also working on my scrap booking, sewing and genealogy for the temple. Aaron has been spending most of his time looking for a job/internship. He has had a few interviews he is just waiting to find something he really is interested in. Hali is crawling everywhere and she can go really fast especially when I say "I'm going to get you!" She loves to say "La La La," "Dad-da, "Ma-ma," "uh-ooh" and oh-kay (ok).Its so funny we tell her to do something and she says oh- kay. When we ask her something and say yes she moves her head up and down and says "ssss." Grandpa loves putting on his music so she dances, it brightens up his day he says. We are trying to get her to say Chris, pa-pa, please and thank you. She likes to stand by herself a lot but I don't think she will start to walk for another month or so.We will let you know how it goes.