Saturday, February 2, 2008

Well Since it is the new year I have decided to try something new to stay in touch with family. We had a great Christmas here in California. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching Hali open up here presents and play with them. We loved having Sara and William home with us for a few days; we were able to Christmas carol together once again, play games and watch movies. It was also great to have sit in babysitters when ever I needed. my new favorite game to play is Blockus I thought I was pretty good at it until I played Scott and Mom they are really good at it.

We had a fun New Years Eve party once again. Eva and I enjoyed making all of the finger foods, spinach dip, fondue and yummy desserts. Hali was the life of the party as usually, she danced to all the music played, clapped and laughed when any one complimented her. Once everyone came we played a few games then watched a movie till midnight.

Now that the new year has started I am trying to work on getting the house in order and doing what I can so mom has more time to rest, like make dinners and stuff. Dad would like me to help him keep to his diet (which should help me too)! I am also working on my scrap booking, sewing and genealogy for the temple. Aaron has been spending most of his time looking for a job/internship. He has had a few interviews he is just waiting to find something he really is interested in. Hali is crawling everywhere and she can go really fast especially when I say "I'm going to get you!" She loves to say "La La La," "Dad-da, "Ma-ma," "uh-ooh" and oh-kay (ok).Its so funny we tell her to do something and she says oh- kay. When we ask her something and say yes she moves her head up and down and says "ssss." Grandpa loves putting on his music so she dances, it brightens up his day he says. We are trying to get her to say Chris, pa-pa, please and thank you. She likes to stand by herself a lot but I don't think she will start to walk for another month or so.We will let you know how it goes.

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Emma said...

I am so excited to see your blog!!! It looks great! I love to hear what's going on at home.