Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Reunion

On Thursday we went to Dawnata Hot springs For the Bell Family Reunion. When we arrived it was dinner time and there were a lot of family there. I was so excited to see them all. I had missed them a lot. They loved seeing Hali. She again took a while to warm up but was soon walking around and bossing everyone around. Everyone loved her hair. But she would say, "hey whatcha doing... my hair!" and give her sour face and s quenched up her nose. They all loved Colby too. Colby is fun to cuddle because he is big and squishy and he loves to smile and laugh. We spent most of the time in the hot spring pools or going down the slides. The Hot springs were so fun. Hali loved the water and so did Colby. I even got to spend time with Aaron because Grandma and Grandpa Bell watched Hali and Colby for me! What a blessing that was. We had about 70 people there so we all traded off cooking meals at our own camp sites. It worked out very well I thought because if we all had to cook our own meals the women would be stuck cooking all three meals and had no time to play. We had a campfire one night and got to roast some mallows, which is seriously my favorite thing to do while camping.The Reed Family had a Go Cart and let Aaron and I drive it for a bit. I had a great time. Hali wasn't even scared, she loved it too. Now the go cart is on are list of things to buy someday! Sunday morning we had a testimony meting there, which was really cool to hear everyone speak from their heart. That afternoon we left for Boise To stay with his cousin Clint and his family. Then on Monday morning we went back to Cali.

Top 10 favorite things
1.Visiting with all my family!
2.Meeting my two new nieces and Cousins
3.Grandma and Grandpa Bell watched Hali and Colby for me.
4.Going on the Go Cart Ride!
5.Roasting marshmallows!
6.Going down the scary water slide.
7.Watching Hail be brave going under the water on her own!
8.Swimming around in the warm pool with Jordon and Hali.
9.Eating yummy food!
10.Hali got a cute Tinker Bell sleeping bag from Grandma Bell and family.

Top 10 worse things
1.Hali got stuck under the octopus under the water =(
2.Our room got extremely hot at night.
3.I wish it were a few days longer.
4.Didn't get to make bows with Shawnna=(
5.Hali stole a chicken and potato from the basement.
6.Aaron got a little sun burn.
7.We didn't get time to Scrapbook.
8.Not everyone made it to the gift exchange that had a gift... oops
9.Forgot to pay at Johnny The Reed family fixed that. Thanks!
10.We all got colds on the way back home.

Now that we are back we are working on getting Hali potty trained and having her lean her colors. Also a better set nap time and Bedtime. She now has her own room! She can fall asleep by her self for nap time and is sleeping there most nights. Colby is sitting up now and starting to babble. ma-ma-ma da-da-da- blah-blah-blah and la-la-la. He is like 19lbs and fits nine month clothes but he is only 5 1/2 months old. He is joy to have he is easy to put to sleep during the day but does short naps. Hali is crazy, she wants to always go Home where ever that is and wants to go shopping or go to church.

Monday, June 8, 2009


We arrived in Rexburg Sunday and visited Andrew Bell and his wife for a bit.We had Pizza an Ice cream. Hali liked hanging out with my sister in Law Megan. Hali warmed up to her pretty quick, it's probably because she is such a fun loving person. That night we zipped over to St.Anthony to stay at Aarons Uncles house. When we lived in Rexburg We would visit them as often as we could. They have four fun kids ages 8-14. While we were there the boys played Wii together and I had fun with Aunt Michele scrap booking. She has so many great craft ideas I love Hanging out with her. I was so glad to spend some time with them.

On Monday night we went out to Wingers in Idaho Falls. We met up with Aarons friend Brent from college who had just gotten married 2 weeks earlier. We also had Megan and Andrew join us along with Sara and TJ. Sara is such a cute pregnant girl. I had fun chatting with Sara and Tj. Hali was glad too see them even though she acted like a grump at first, she warmed up later.

That night we stayed at Brent's house watch a movie and had ice cream. The next day we spent most of the time in our storage unit in Rexburg gathering and organizing our stuff. We also met up with our friends Troy and Keri for a short visit. It was nice to see them and their adorable Children they have an awesome family. That night we went back to Brent's for dinner and to sleep.

The next day we went to Pocatello to visit our friends Chad and Tara and their three kids.It was So great to see them and spend a few days catching up with them. We have missed hanging out them. While we were there we went bowling with Sara and TJ too.It was so fun!!

Tara has a girl Shaylyn 2 years older than Hali and a boy Dalin 3 months older than Hali. They all got along pretty well when Hali played nicely.

Tara also has a little girl that is 2 months older that Colby they were so cute together holding hands.

Sara was able to come over to Tara's house and visit a few times before we left for our family reunion.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trip to Utah

We had such a great time at Tina's place in Sandy utah. We really loved their apartment and it was nice to beable to see two temples right from their family room window. We got there late Friday night on Tina's Birthday. We were so excited to have Lizzy and Hali to see each other we thought we would have to wait the next morning but Lizzy woke up. They were so cute running after each other and playing so well together. We all stayed up till one or two. The next morning we were slow going but we made it to Mimi's Cafe for an awesome breakfast. Then we headed back to the apartment to play in the park there and have the boys marinate the steaks for Dinner!! After that Tina and John took us to see the Draper Temple and to see all the beautiful homes near by. It was incredible to see how big the houses were there. Later that night we had a great dinner and chocolate cake to celebrate Tina's B-Day. The Next day was Sunday so we went to Sacrament metting and headed to Rexburg ID. I hated to live them. Hali kept asking the rest of the week, "where's Lizzy and Tina where's my John." We miss you guys!