Monday, June 8, 2009


We arrived in Rexburg Sunday and visited Andrew Bell and his wife for a bit.We had Pizza an Ice cream. Hali liked hanging out with my sister in Law Megan. Hali warmed up to her pretty quick, it's probably because she is such a fun loving person. That night we zipped over to St.Anthony to stay at Aarons Uncles house. When we lived in Rexburg We would visit them as often as we could. They have four fun kids ages 8-14. While we were there the boys played Wii together and I had fun with Aunt Michele scrap booking. She has so many great craft ideas I love Hanging out with her. I was so glad to spend some time with them.

On Monday night we went out to Wingers in Idaho Falls. We met up with Aarons friend Brent from college who had just gotten married 2 weeks earlier. We also had Megan and Andrew join us along with Sara and TJ. Sara is such a cute pregnant girl. I had fun chatting with Sara and Tj. Hali was glad too see them even though she acted like a grump at first, she warmed up later.

That night we stayed at Brent's house watch a movie and had ice cream. The next day we spent most of the time in our storage unit in Rexburg gathering and organizing our stuff. We also met up with our friends Troy and Keri for a short visit. It was nice to see them and their adorable Children they have an awesome family. That night we went back to Brent's for dinner and to sleep.

The next day we went to Pocatello to visit our friends Chad and Tara and their three kids.It was So great to see them and spend a few days catching up with them. We have missed hanging out them. While we were there we went bowling with Sara and TJ too.It was so fun!!

Tara has a girl Shaylyn 2 years older than Hali and a boy Dalin 3 months older than Hali. They all got along pretty well when Hali played nicely.

Tara also has a little girl that is 2 months older that Colby they were so cute together holding hands.

Sara was able to come over to Tara's house and visit a few times before we left for our family reunion.


Emma said...

Great pictures Becca! thanks for including one of Sara and her growing belly. can't wait to see you guys again! Twice in one year, I feel lucky!

Emma said...

PS I recognize that bowling alley!