Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mike Visits at the end of March

Mike came up to vist during his break from BYU.

 We went out shooting Aaron's improved 22. It now looks like a sniper rifle.

We also went garage saleing and picked p some awsome toys for the kids. The bucket of legos i think was like 10 bucks. 

The kids and Mike built these once we got home. I love Legos! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hali's Birthday at school

Hali's is in transition between two schools a charter and a public. We decided to try the charter out few weeks. Hali really wanted to go back and visit one las time before going and bring her class cupcakes for her Birthday and to see Miss Hally.

I was actully pretty sad to see her leave she really loves her teacher and gets aolng with all her class mates.

After three weeks of trying out the charter school we decided to it was not the school for her or me. They were disorganized and Hali felt out of place there. We put her back in Miss Hally's class. Now she is much happier and so was am I.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More family visits March 2013

In March we had lots of family come and vist us. The Binghams ,Wrucks with Jo Jo and Kristy Brennan with her Fiance. We did laots of fun Kid activites thatnsk to Auntie Eva being so creative.
 The Kids made Easter Decorations with all of Eva's cool stickers.

The kids loved dying eggs.

Another day we made Easter Cupcakes!

We also got to do lots of dancing!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mom and Dad's visit March 2013

Mom and Dad came up to visit while Mom had a week off from work. They came mostly because mom will be retiring at the beginning of June. They are planning on moving here to Idaho to be closer to most all Grand kids. I think it is a great location. All family is with in 5 1/2 driving distance and there is cheap housing now. We looked at several houses but Mom fell in love with a house that is not even for sale yet. Hopefully that means we have a foot in the door. Sara with her too kids were able to get a way for the weekend too  and see Mom and Dad.

Mom brought some fun easter presents for all the kids. Easter Farm animals and fences to keep them in.

Liam's Easter bunny from Grammie.

Mom loves reading books to the kids. they seem to listen a lot better when she reads to them. I can't wait till she lives closer.

Grandapa geting snuggled by the cute grand-girls.

It was a bit chili out but that did niot stop Mom from granting the kids wishes to be pushed on the swings by her.

 All the Grand Kids in one shot!
Colby pushing Liam

 Hannah-Banana with Grammie.

I love this picture both so excited!

Colby going down the slide.

 Troy enjoing the cold day.

We all had so much fun. It was bitter sweet to see Mom leave. The next time we will see them though they should have a moving truck and be staying for good. I can tell mom just can't wait for work to be done. She will  finally get to spend her time doing  what she loves best, grandkid play, geneology and going to the Temple.