Monday, July 21, 2008


We went camping a few weeks ago with Eva's ward up at Lake Comanche. We only stayed one night but we had a lot of fun. We were the first ones to arrive so we found the only a bit of grass to place our tent on and trees to use as shade. It was so hot when we arrived we went to the lake to cool off. The lake was not what I expected the water was so low and once you got in there was about 6 inches of mud that your feet sink into. I got use to it after a while but didn't stay in long. We brought a raft with us so we tried that out but the air came out too quick to use as a raft, it started to sink, it was still fun though. Aaron and Scott had fun jumping off the rocks into the water. Once we got back to camp we gave Hali a bath in the sink and Dave took some pictures while I took my shower. We then got some wood and made a fire for our dinner, we had yummy beef stew and hot dogs. Later we had s'mores and talked around the campfire. The next day we went back to the lake but a sandier part and then went home. Dave took a lot of great pictures...

Aaron jumping off the rocks!

Chris jumping off the rocks!


Hali making faces at Uncle Mike

Hali saying a prayer.


Eating around the campfire.

Hali's new words are stinky, cracker, ice, all gone, bubble, hand, help, play, walk, water, knee, teeth, goggle, blue, back( for put it back), food, John, Jared and Eva is Va-va. Hali also knows how to blink and show us her tounge. Mike taught her to say "I love you," it sounds close more like "I loov oo." Uncle Mike was holding her while on the computer and she took the mouse away from him, so he called her a punk and she said "punk" right back so she says that too. Hali is doing well at letting us know when she has to go to the bathroom. The other day I was in the family room napping and she went in the room and stated to wine. Tina walked in and found her siting on her toilet wanting to go. Tina helped her get her diaper off and she went. Same thing happened to Mike a few days later. Hali was taken forever on the toliet. I kept asking if she was done and she would shake her head and say nonchalantly, "no." So I sat there and she started to point at my nose and examining it. Then she touched my nose and said "ouch?"I told her no It's fine. Then she looked at it again and said, "dirty!" I then looked in the mirror and said, "no, it's not dirty it's red. " I have a slight sunburn. She just seemed so concered it was cute. .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The little things she does...

I meant to post this two weeks ago but we lost the camera so I am posting it now.

I forgot to mention a few things in the last blog. Hali is doing really good at folding her arms whenever we sit down to eat, she is always the first ready for prayer. She also says her own prayers; she folds her arms bows her head and whispers a few words. Some times they are long prayers but she says amen at the end, it's so cute. Hali loves bath time she figured out how to splash and says "bath? bath? bath?" when it's time to take one. Hali also does really good in the shower she does not mind the water falling on her face.

I got a double stroller for Mother's Day so I could take the girls for walks, so around noon we go and they love it. They usually fall asleep, it's really nice. Hali is starting to draw or scribble rather and enjoys that at times. She likes to put peoples shoes on for them or take them off, tickle their toes and say, "tickle tickel."
Hali really enjoys reading books we go through so many a day. She likes to read them in the morning when she is going potty. She picks one up flips through then says, "all done," puts it back then grabs another one and sits back down on her seat. We also read books right before she goes to sleep.
If we do not keep a onesie on her she pulls on her diaper and says, "off" and if you don't pay attention she will take it off and then pee on the floor.
She has been answering in stead of ya to my questions she says, "k," "yep" or, "ya Bob." Like today I asked "do you want to sit on the couch?" and she said, " ya bob." I also asked if she wanted help and she said, "ya Bob," I have no idea where she got that from. we think she might be trying to say ya babe like I say to Aaron.
She also has a new word that she made up, "dabie," she goes around saying all the time and when we ask her what it means she just laughs at us. She loves saying it to Mike too becasue he reacts to it and says "Dabie does'nt mean anything!" and she will say, "Mike... Dabie!"
I also never posted any pictures of the finished family room or bathroom, so here they are...