Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well we are back from another great trip to Idaho. Mom and Eva made the long trip with us. Hali threw up once but not too bad. They slept a lot and were good most of the time. Eva helped a lot by feeding Colby while I entertained Hali with books, Flashcards, play dough, stickers, drawing, everything. We were able to visit our Friends Tara and Chad and there three adorable Munchkins in Pocatello. We meet up with Tina's family, Sara and baby Hannah and Heather (family Friend) at Costco in Pocatello, ate some lunch. Then to Blackfoot to see Sara's place. Colby threw up on the way there all over me yuck! Luckily sara's my size and let me borrow some clothes. I really liked her new home. They made lots of improvements and I love it all, especially the nursery. I love that they have lots of land and can make a fire right in their backyard.

Hali and Lizzy playing ring around the rosy
I miss having those two hanging out with each other. It is fun to watch them interact with one another.

On Sunday we went to Sara's church to see Hannah blessed. There was a lot of family and friends there we got to see too. My Aunt Goldie and Kelsey her Granddaughter. All of T.J's(Sara's husband) family. Angie and Marry (Friends of Sara's)and their families. The blessing went great! I loved seeing about 10 guys get in a circle holding this cute tinny little baby. IT was so sweet to watch.

Hannah Rylee

After the blessing we went to TJ's Parents house to have a BBQ. John (Tina's Husband) made some great honey mustard BBQ chicken. There were also great salads, dips, cake and ice cream!!!! TJ's parents place was amazing. I found a few things I would love to have in my home someday. Colby loved flirting with all the girls at the BBQ. Including Kelsey and Heather.He loved the attention.

Mom and Hannah

Sara, Hannah and Heather

All the grand babies and Eva

Later that night we went back to Sara's place to make a fire. I so enjoyed sitting around the campfire listening to great stories by TJ, having most of my family around, looking at the stars with a s'more in one hand and hot chocolate in the other. That is my perfect night.

We sadly had to leave the next day but enjoyed spending a few hours holding Hannah, taking pictures and watching the girls play. We drove up to Boise to met up with Jared and his family at their soon to be new home. We liked there place, it was nice and big. I can't wait to see what Summer does to the place. I am sure it will look great. Then we went over to Mckay's home and had a BBQ. McKay is a friend that grew up with Jared and Aaron in MT. They have three cute kids that played very nicely with Hali and Maci. I got a tour of there house too, lots of great Ideas. McKay's wife Katie is so crafty. I Loved seeing all the cute home decorations that she has made. We had a fun time visiting with old friends and family. That night we slept at Jared's Apt. Summer was very sweet and made us all beds and made sure we had everything we needed to sleep. Jared and Summer even woke up really early just to make us German pancakes...they were sooooo good. I crave them now!
The ride home was not bad, it didn't take as long as we had thought it might and were glad that we were able to visit so many people in such a short time. We did not get to see everyone but that would have required more time. We miss all of you and we thank you all for a great weekend.

Colby started taking a few steps this week. This was taken lat night.