Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Pasta Ever

I made a delicious pasta last night. It tasted almost like Bow-tie Festival that I get at Johnny Carino's, my favorite dish ever!! I could have also added some mushrooms and Gorgonzola cheese but I didn't have any. The cooking cream really had a great flavor. Each bite of this dish was sooo good.

Half a bag of egg noodles
2 chicken breast Grilled

8-12 slices of bacon
half an onion
3-4 large tomatoes
Garlic powder
1 Philadelphia cream cheese cooking creme original flavor
1/2 cup chicken broth

I grilled my breast in a George formen grill so I could use the chicken broth. While that was cooking I boiled some egg noodles, I will to try bow-ties next time though. Then I cut up the bacon, cooked it in a large frying pan. Then took it off and used the bacon grease to cook the onions till they are clear. I used pre-cooked bacon so there was not a ton of grease, just use enough to coat the pan. Then cut up tomatoes and add it to the onions. Add garlic powder and some basil, fresh would be best. Let the tomatoes cook for like 10mins so the juices run and they become very soft. It gives it a roasted tomato taste. Yummy! Then drain the pasta and put it all together in what you cooked the pasta in. Add the cream cheese and the chicken broth. To get more recipes go here.