Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colby ridding the scooter

Loving Life!

Bath Time Fun!

I don't ever pour water when rinsing their hair, just dunk them under water.

Colby's hair was funky when I pulled him out of the water.
So I had to take a picture

I am really loving the city I live and thought I should share a few photos of the place.

This is what I See down our street.

This is the pretty view I get to see in the morning on my way
to work out. I love how open it is.

Beautiful hills on our way to go
Ridding our bikes.

This is over looking Marsing
at my friends mothers house

The kids love going on walks just about everyday.
Hali now can ride her bike and Colby rides her scooter.
I have so much fun with these crazy kids!