Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interesting week

Last Sunday before Church our washer flooded part of the house and we have been busy trying to get rid of all the water and find a new washer and dryer. Mom and Dad would like the ones that are front loading so Mom can reach and pull out everything and plus they are energy efficient. We hope that we can get new carpet or wood put down soon so Hali can roam the hallway once again.

I have enjoyed being back in our home ward and seeing so many familiar faces and many new ones. I have been substituting a lot for Primary and I gave a talk last week. Aaron has been called to be one of the teachers in priesthood and he too has to give a talk this week in sacrament meeting.

I am having fun watching Hali grow and learn more everyday she gets so excited and loves life. She is now saying bye, hi and as of today she can say book. She also has started to point at people and talk to them, like, hey you! Listen to me. Hali should be walking pretty soon she can take up to 8 steps now but they are not very stable.


Emma said...

I heard about the washer. That stinks. Cute video of Hali walking. She'll have it down in no time! Watch out!

Summer said...

I love the videos! By the way, I tagged you on my blog. Miss you guys