Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day

We had a stake Pioneer Day celebration. There was so many fun things to do. I was amazed at all the thought and time put in to it. The whole thing turned out very well. There was a parade the kids got to walk in, singing time, story time, and a general store where we got old fashion hard candy. We made some butter, did some wood burning and there was a petting Zoo. There were also a ton of fun pioneer games but my kids were a little too young to wait in line to play. We also got a hot dog lunch and some yummy ice cream!

Hali and Colby in line for the parade! I had to much fun making their pioneer outfits!

Bells and the some of the Ricks from our ward.

Colby by the hand cart!

Oh I forgot we got to paint this beautiful mural as one of the activities.

They had many real carts and wagons for display.

Hali with the Zebra.

Colby with the goat.
Colby trying to touch the baby pig.

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Marci said...

that looks like the coolest pioneer day ever! Your ward is awesome!