Friday, September 19, 2008

Many Mini Trips!

So I have not written for a while and there has been so much happening, forgive me if I forget to mention something. We have gone to Six flags again, this time with Tina, John, Lizzy and Mike and just enjoyed the shows with the girls. We had some friends from church invite us to go boating with them one weekend. We did inner tubing, knee boarding, and wake boarding. Hali enjoyed the boat ride and the inner tube ride she would say, " whoa, whoa, whoa!" when we went over the waves. We spent about six hours on the boat. On the tube!

Aaron's brother, Jared came down with his Family for work/vacation for four weeks and with them we did a few fun things like going to the zoo, the pool, the park, out to dinner, Santa Cruz and to San Fran. Aaron's friend from Idaho came down too and we all went to San Fransisco for a weekend!
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Near Half Moon Bay

Golden gate Bridge

By the Dutch Windmill

My sister Emma had her 3rd baby on Sept 3rd, Amy Marie. She was 10 lbs and 20 inches long. She had Curly dark brown hair but it is now a dirty blond color I hear. Congrads again Emma! Amy Marie

Then my Sister Sara got married on Sept 6th in the Oakland Temple. It was a wonderful day everything went great and the reception was beautiful too! I am so excited for her. T. J. and Sara!
And a beautiful boquet, by me!

This weekend we went to Chris's first home football game. They played the Elk Grove Bobcats and won 9 to 6! On Friday we went to an Oakland A's game agains the Mariners. The game went by fast but we all had a lot of fun. The A's had a home run and it was 2 to 0 but they almost lost because the mariners were up with the bases loaded. Luckily the A's got the runner out before they scored. At the end of the game there was a huge Firework show, that we all enjoyed, especially Hali.
Watching The Fire Works

Aaron has finished his internship and has graduated college! He is now a service Tech working for APX alarm again for the fall. I am so glad he is doing Apx again because I can tell he actually enjoys doing it compared to working for General Mills, I also get to see him more often. Hali hates to see him leave though, she was always asleep when he left for work before. I love seeing Hali with her Dad, he is really good with her.

As for me I am expecting a boy on December 28th, most all ready know but I have not written since I told the Family about a month and a half ago. I am excited for him to come and can't wait to dress him in cute boy clothes. I am also trying to get little project done here and there or just read a book but there is not much time to do that it seems. I am excited for this up coming month. John, Aaron and Tina searched and searched for great deals and we finally booked our flight to Hawaii and will leave the 14th and come home on the 22nd. All I wanted was a hotel on the Beach and that is what we got well a condo but I think it will be just great. We hope to go to the PC, the temple, some snorkaling and some other things around the Island. I am also excited for Halloween I will be doing a party at the house, I have already stated planning it all out and I think it will turn out better than last years mostly because I have more room and I am getting an early start on it.
San Fransisco Beach

Hali is doing well she can copy almost any word you ask her to say. She is talking in sentences a bit now like, "Where'd Lizzy go?" or " (anything) where'd it go" " I don't know!" "Where are you Mom?" " No Lizzy, down" When she is on the table. "No, Lizzy me shoe!" She has not said that too many times it's usually just, "No Lizzy!" She sure talks a lot, babels on and on it's funny to hear. For a while she had her own word for movie she would say " Moo-shoo" I thought she was trying to say my shoe but we soon caught on that she wanted to watch a movie. She calls it a movie now though. Hali is working on dressing her self she can do her shoes and socks but the socks come off fast and shoes go back on. She can get the shirt over her head but she just takes the shirt off after that, same with the pants, one leg in then off they go. Here is a clip of the girls playing piano.


Emma said...

It's fun to read about what you guys have been up to. Have fun in Hawaii! Love the pictures!

Summer said...

Good ya ya song, Hali! (: