Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Summer Fun!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while so here are a few pics. We haven't been up to much just hanging out and enjoying the summer.

Hali took some pictures while I was blogging, a few turned out.

"Shh Colby's Slleping"

"I want to take a picture of you Mom. Look the dog is sleeping too, he is tired."

The dog we found and has not left. We named him Dog. Hali likes Cookie though.

Hali's quilt we have been working on.

I finally refinished it. The kids love it. Thanks Babe!

Aaron is putting up shelves for me! I can't wait to organize all my food storage, gardening and camping stuff.

Colby after Aaron cut his hair.

Hali giving me a hug."Cheese!"

Cucumbers, Zucuhini and some tomatoes from the garden. Yummy!

Hali eating a pineapple.

We love having our friends over. Here they are all Dancing.


Lindsey and Isaac said...

You guys all look great! The kids are so grown up! And your new home and garden look so nice! Glad you guys are doing well.

david said...

senwas that slim shady in the background? miss you guys.