Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wow the summer is pretty much over and fall is arriving. I love it when the seasons change- beautiful leaves, the weather is cooler, the smell of Autumn, I don't know I just love it!

Goldie's Beautiful house

We went up to Missoula Montana for a family reunion a few weeks ago. From there went to visit Aaron's Family in Fairfield. Then went down to Rexburg for a family Wedding and now we are back. It was so great to visit all out family on both sides but its also nice to be home and sleeping in our own beds.

Cute Amy!

Lizzy and Hali



Painting the teepee's

Nana and Papa

What else we have been up too....

We had my sister in law and her daughter stay with us a few days which was a blast.

Hali and Jordyn

Shawnna taught me how to make some adorable hair bows
and a cute board to hang them on.

My other sister in law that lives in Rexburg inspired me to decorate Hali's room. I love it!

We took our bombardier and the little Yamaha out with some friends.

Aaron went up a steep hill and the 4 wheeler did a wheely. Aaron luckily caught the bike from falling on him. Poor baby... a little scared but he was okay.

Aaron has been working on my shelves and for now he is done.
I love a nice clean and somewhat organized garage.

I have been making some jackets for the humanitarian center

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Bunny Love Home said...

You always were so crafty and magical with your hands! Hali's room looks great, I love the name on the wall and wish I had some of her hair bows for my own. :) Caldwell must be beautiful, as I've heard Boise is.