Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Colby is 10 months!

Dear Colby

You are now 10 months old and growing so fast. You are such a little sweet heart. I love that you are happy almost all the time and love to smile. You are walking very well now and love to talk,sing and dance. You always seem to have purpose and watch everything very closely. You are very adventures go anywhere and try to do anything your sister is doing. You have a sense of humor already you like tease your sister and laugh about it. I think you get that from your Dad. You are a great little eater you eat just about anything. You prefer to use your fork and spoon and feed your self. You can clap to patty cake and throw it in the oven. You can tell me when you are hungry and when you are all done. You love reading books, you will cuddle up with me, look at all the picture so closely, point and say "this, this."I love watching you grow and learn new things every day.I love you my Colbster!

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Emma said...

I love to see the videos of what you're kids are doing. so cute. I miss them tons!