Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall time

We have been having fun the last couple of weeks. Every Wednesday we have the chance to go to gymnastics for Hali and Colby. They really enjoy it. Hali loves the swings and the foam pit. Colby likes to climb the ladder and hang on the bars. We don't go every Wednesday like today I totally forgot but when we don't go we usually go to the park with some friends.

Hali on the swing

Hali on the bars

Colby going through the tunnel

WE have also been picking all of our zucchini, squash, cucumbers and pumpkins.

Hali helped me make some pickles

we hope to make bread, cookies, rolls and soup with all the pumpkins. We will give some away and make a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

I have been loving the weather just like everyone else. It is so nice to wake up to a crisp fall day. I am able to want to get more done because it is not so hot. I have a million little projects going on like getting ready for Halloween and presents for Christmas. I am excited to start making bread and soups for Dinner and yummy hot chocolate for breakfast.I really love this time of year!

Hali will be starting Joy school soon with a few friends from Church. I am hoping it will help her learn to play with other kids and learn some skills needed for kindergarten. She finally knows all her colors... well at least the important ones. She knows most of her shapes. She is funny when it comes to letters. She knows some of them but she is so good at getting off subject she asks me questions and turns it around. Hali has also been asking why like every second of the day. I love though that she plays so well with Colby. He often pulls her hair and teases her by taking away her pacifier but she deals wit it most of the time very well. She encourages him to walk and plays peek-a-boo in the car so he will laugh and not cry, she is so sweet to him.

Colby is pretty much walking now. He can crawl supper fast so he does that more often. He can say Moma, Dada, and all done. He is getting so big so fast he is already 25 pounds and fitting perfectly in 18 month clothes. He has three teeth on top two on bottom and loves to brush his teeth. He is happy all the time and loves to snuggle with me. I love my cutie little Colby.


kalisarah88 said...

Your kids are sooo cute! I love the pumpkin pic of them in their footie pajamas! There is just something about footie pjs that makes me want to gobble babies.

Emma said...

Love the pictures! I hope my garden does better next year. I'm jealous of your garden :) I miss the kiddos - they grow so fast!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

I can't believe Colby is that big! Cute pictures! You're pumpkins look great and it sounds like you are planning to do a bunch of fun stuff with them.