Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Halloween 2011

So I am way behind... Here is Halloween.

Hali really wanted to be a bat girl but I already had a fairy costume for her. She was so funny about it. Anytime someone would ask her "What are you going to be for Halloween she would explain to them that she want ed to be a dark scary bat but that Mom wanted her to be a fairy. I thought she would give in eventually. So we came to an agreement that she could have dark scary bat eyes and she could be a bat fairy. Hali was okay with that and loved putting on the makeup and doing her hair.

Colby was easy going. He liked being a dog but did not want to put the face paint on it was too messy for him. I convinced him he could be a pirate dog and could say Grrrrr Matey's once ha had a patch on his eye. Colby loved that idea.

Liam was such a cute little pumpkin. It was a bit cold out during trunk or treat but he was stilll happy go lucky.

I love my sweet kids.

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