Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in Fairfield

We left on Saturday morning to Fairfield. I asked Aaron what fun things we should do while visiting family, he didn't think of anything. I thought when, pulling up, we should go see the New Breaking Dawn Movie - Nah most likely they have already seen it, two teenagers and Shawnna. I still wanted to at least go in to town. I really like going to Great Falls for some reason, it is just fun. When we got there the Oblander and Lhenerz Family were waiting for us with Christmas presents!!( The cute pj's the kids are wearing in the picture. Love them Thanks again!!)We relaxed for a bit then Shawnna asked if I had seen the new Breaking Dawn movie. I was gearing up for her to tell me how great it was. But when I said no I have not seen it she said, " I think we should take a little trip then to go see it." I was about to jump out of my chair actually I might have. Really what a coincidence. I was so surprised that they had not seen it and that she mentioned going because I probably never would have brought it up. I am not a die heart fan of the series but it is a fun girl thing to do. It worked out just right. The girls and Denton went to town and watch Breaking Dawn and grabbed ice cream and soda for dessert. The boys stayed home and took care of the kids. I love going out with my sister-in-laws they are so much fun and remind me of my own sisters at times. That night we tried out the Xbox kinect for the first time and I really liked it especially the dance one. We got some great black mail footage of my sister-in-laws too :)

On Sunday we went to church. Colby enjoyed sitting on Grandpa's lap drawing letters and picture. I am amazed at how Grandpa and Aaron are able to keep Colby so still and on task. I have the hardest time keeping Colby still. Hali sat up with grandma quietly drawing pictures. I really just sat and got to listen to the talks, awww so nice. We met up with some old friends of Aaron's and saw Grandma Verda at church too.

When we got back to the farm we ate a delicious prime rib roast with mashed potatoes and corn. I loved it so much I made it for my New Years dinner !! The rest of Sunday we just hung out and took naps. Oh yes and had lots and lots of desserts!! Hali and Colby loved being With Lexi and Jordyn they were thoroughly entertained ost of the night.

Monday Grandpa took us all around the farm in his truck, the kids loved it. Actually I loved it too, It was nice to just see how pretty it is up there and admire all the little things Heavenly Father has given us to make the world so beautiful. After our little nature tour we took some lunch to go and were back in Idaho later that night. The trip back home was much better, Hali only threw up twice! Colby on the way home though said "where is grandpa. I want him to come with us.... I miss him!" I miss them all too, it is so nice to see and be with our families. They truly are one of the most important parts of our lives if you really think about it.

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