Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trip to Utah

Aaron had to travel down to Utah for work near where Tina live so we came aloong. It was a fast fun trip.

 We played at the park outside Tina's place.

 The swings are really long so it was fun to swing with the kids.

 The kids got along most of the time.
 We walked to Cabellas. Kristy and Mike joined us.

Taking pictures with the statue.The morning we left though we got the horrible new that Aarons Mom was in the hospital with no response. It was a sad drive home. We were not aware of what all that happened we talked to lots of family wanting to hear the best news possible but not knowing if that was what was going to happen.  Everything was on hold to wait and see if she could come out of the induced coma. When we got home Aaron and his brother took a trip to Montana to see her. They did not make it in time she had died on the way. Summer and I car-pulled up to Montan a day later for the funeral. So thankful that Scott came to help out with the kids.

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