Sunday, June 16, 2013

Montana trip

We made it to the farm! The first thing the kids did was take a ride with Dad on the ATV
 Although it was a sad reason we were all getting together all the Bells were still the Bells. We had a great time chit-chatting, chasing kids, doing hair and being silly.

 Liam doing everyones hair.
 Grandpa P trying to hold on to this squrimy little one.
 Love this look "I am going to get you Grandma"

 SO glad Scott was with us. He took the kids on rides all the time and was just there to help 100% of the time whith wahtever anyone needed. 

 All the cousisn getting pulled by Scott.

The boy cousins wanting to ride off.
The oldies getting toasty by the fire. ( I was just sitting there too)

We did some fire works.

The kids hid behind the sled.

We also went to the park after we swam at the city pool.

We all love and miss you Teresa! Untill we meet  again!

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