Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hali's new words

None of my video's of Hali will up load, they were really good. = ( I will try to re-shoot some and put them in later.

Things she always says through out the day
"watch a movie guys!
"eek-a-boo, I see you!"
"Where'd your phone go?"
"Come on"
" 1, 2, 3, 5 , 9, 10"
"A, b, c, d, g, l, mn, p, t, u, y, Z" the letters she says when singing the Abc song to music or on her own.

Last week Hali wanted to "color" so we got out some coloring books and then she said,"I want to draw a picture!" I really could not believe she had said that but she said it again.

The other day I said "Hali, where are you?" and she yelled back, "Room!"
She tells people to go to the "room" or to get "out," or to "move," out of of the way. When Mike was here she told him to get out of his room and "hurry!"

When Mike was here he asked her if she wanted to go and play and she said "no, I want to eat." When I ask her what she wants to eat she either says "I don't know," or "Chip, dip, chicken, cheese, cereal or hot dog." When ever she gets into her highchair or car seat or stroller she always has to, "Buckle it" she says.
She always wants to go some where she says, "want to go, want to go!" over and over until we get her ready to go. I will tell her she needs to get dressed before going outside and she will go to her her drawer pull it open and say "Clothes! Shirt, socks, shoes, where's coat?" then tries to put her clothes on. Then when she is done she repeats, "ready to go?" until we go.When I ask her to go find her shoes she walks around the house saying, "shoes, where are you," and, "Find it!" for help me find it.
She says "um, um" a lot when she wants to say something but things are going to fast for her to think.
She hid her tooth brush the other morning and after lunch she wanted to brush her teeth so I asked her where it was and she said, "I don't know!" like usual but i asked her to think about it and she thought about it and said, "over there!" and pointed to where it was hidden. She also does not like to be dirty so when she is she says "messy, messy," and looks all disappointed and wants a napkin to "washy-wash." When she makes a mess or someone drops something she will yell "mess, mess!" too. Once I had cookie on my face so she cleaned my face for me and then said, "all better!"

The other day we were sitting on Papa's bed and I told Dad that Hali kept saying, "no monkey's butt." She then started saying it over and over and bouncing up and down. Dad figured it out and stated singing "no more monkey's jumping on the bed." She said "yea, no more monkey's jumpin' on the bed!" She goes around saing it all the time now just that part really well.

Hali is so good with papa. She loves to go see him all the time. If I can't find her I know she has barged open the door and is siting on papa's lap. Typically she runs down the hall "Papa, Papa where are you?" and if she can't get in she lays on the ground and wiggles her fingers under the door and keeps repeating "Papa, where are you?" or "I see you!" It is really cute, sometimes. All by herself she will pick out a book from her room walk down the hall to him, hand him the book, then climb all the way up his chair on to his lap. Dad does a great job at reading her books and she does very well at sitting on his lap. She does not climb all over him or try to reach for things I think she tries to be careful around him. She points to some things and asks "what's that?" or excitedly tells papa what it is. She also loves looking on his phone because it has pictures on it and she points out who everyone is. She especially likes the pictures of Lizzy. She just scoots on down when she is done. He sings songs to her and she dances and sings for him. She picks up things he has dropped and asks "garbage?" which it sometimes is and she throws it away for him. She likes to play on papa's scooter that is in his room. Hali will sit on the seat and honk the horn then point to the keys, that she can't reach and says, "keys, get it." He also has a rocking chair that she can climb on and she will rock and sing, "rock a baby, rock a baby," for the song "Rock a bye Baby." He can keep her more entertained than I can, she gets bored of me. They are really great for each other. The other day I got her a puzzle she she enjoys doing that with Papa as well.


Emma said...

Becca, Hali is so cute. I miss her. And so do the boys. I love that you are recording the things she is doing. I love to read about it, and you'll be able to look back and see how much she has grown!

Tina said...

Becca, I loved reading all that Hali is doing! Elizabeth is very similar. I"m looking forward to them getting together again. I'm sure they will be so excited! See you in a couple weeks! Tina