Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He has left = (

Mike left this morning at 4 am for the MTC. I did not like seeing him go but I know that he will be okay and be a great missionary. Last night Mike and I had a great time together preparing his last dinner. He made layered meatloaf and I made potato wedges, corn and spinach dip. Our cousin Jen came out from Virgina with her friend Jane on business. They were able to eat dinner with us and sit in on Mike being set apart as a missionary. It was a great experience for all of us. Aaron and Dad were able to be in the prayer circle, so the was neat too. The Stake President reminded us to write every week and tell him our experiences and the blessings that come from him being out on a mission and serving the Lord. I either forgot or never knew that I would be receiving blessings from my brother serving a mission, he is the one doing all the work, but I guess that is what the Lord has promised. So I will have a look out for those blessings in our lives so that I can share them with Mike.

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Emma said...

OK now I'm crying. Thanks for the post, and the pictures. We'll miss him.