Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween post, oops!

"Scared face"

Sorry I am a bit behind but I thought I should post our Halloween stuff before I forgot. So for Halloween Aaron decided we could be the Flintstones and before he could change his mind I made some costumes and was all set. I had a fun time figuring it all out and planing a party. But then I got sick and so did Hali and my Dad finally came home from the Hospital so my huge party plans were demoted but I was glad we were able to put together a small party of friends and family even though it was a hectic week around here. Mike helped me decorate that house and clean for the party. Tina helped make the food and Eva brought the donuts and lots of decorations. She also helped put the last minute stuff together like light candles and hang decorations and pick things up from the store that I had forgot. I would not have been able to pull it all off with out her, thanks Eva! I was not sure how many people would come because I told most that it was not going to be a big party like I had originally wanted with the haunted house and stuff, but still some showed up which was great. We had a great time playing Halloween games. I let the kids decorated some sugar cookies that I had made which kept them pretty entertained. Then we played Halloween pictionary which I think everyone enjoyed. Then I asked for 4 volunteers and made them do a worm pie eating contest where Jason S* won. Then I asked for 4 different volunteers for the doughnut eating contest where I believe Aaron won the first round and Mike won the second. For the last game I had the kids try and throw water baloons at a ghost hanging from the tree. All in all we had a great time and I was so glad to spend some holiday fun with friends and family. Meet the Flintstones

Kellie as Wonder Woman

Pie eating contest

Doughnut eating contest !

Eva & David

Haunted House

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Emma said...

cute costumes! It looks like you had a great party!