Monday, August 31, 2009


Last night we had Colby and Hali take a bubble bath. Aaron gave Colby a bubble hat.

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We went boating with the Bradfords on Saturday, it was so fun. It was a hot day, I thought we would burn but we didn't. Once we started going the wind and the mist from the water really helped to cool us off. It was a great day!

We were both able to knee board, wake board and go on a huge tube and be thrown around. We liked the tube the best!Hali loved the boat. Watching the water and putting her hands in the water as it splashed by on the side of the boat.The hmmm of the boat put Colby to sleep. We got time to swim a bit in the water too and Hali and Colby really enjoyed that.

Now we are on our way to Idaho to visit lots of family and some friends! I am so excited to see everyone.I will try and post pics as soon as I get back!


Emma said...

Looks like fun! Both the bubbles and the boat!

Amber D. said...

Lily says, "Hi Hali!" cause she heard you say it in the movie. lol. Looks like you had fun. At first I about had a heart attack because it looks like Aaron is only holding her with one hand while the boat is moving.

kalisarah88 said...

I'm so glad to see that families with two little kids can still go out and do fun stuff! My fear is that after having this baby I'll be stuck in the house forever. Looks like you guys had fun!!