Thursday, August 27, 2009

Colby 8 months old

Hali making dinner for Colby

Colby and Hali are so great with each other. Colby loves that he can get around and is content playing by himself or with Hali for some periods of time. Hali loves being a big sister. She helps out with all she can. Today we were doing star fall and when it gets to the b for bear the bear roars and she came up to Colby and patted him on the head and gave him a side hug and said, "its okay Colby, your okay Colby." It was cute, but funny because he was not scared. Yesterday Colby made his way down the hall and was roaring. Hali pretended to be scared, screamed and hid behind papa at the other end of the hall saying, "mom, Colby scared me." Then she would run back laughing. All the while Colby was crawling down the hall and when she got close he would roar and they would both just laugh and laugh, it was really fun to watch. He eventually made it down the hall with lots of encouragement from Hali, "come on Colby you can do it... come on."

Hali also loves to do laundry sometimes. Hali helps me put all the clothes in and out of the machines and helps fold. She has been able to fold a towel for a while now but I got it on tape. It's fun to watch her!

Colby is now standing on his own for about 8-10 seconds at a time, as of last night. He just lets go, stands and gets so excited. He is such a little funny guy. He has been walking behind this little toy box all day to get around.

Colby can now wave hi or bye, clap and say da-da! I have yet to get them on tape though :(


Lindsey and Isaac said...

cute videos! I can't believe Colby is 8 months old! Hali did really good folding that towel too. Impressive :) Kason just throws the laundry!

Emma said...

Way cute videos! Amy turns herself around using her legs too! Hali is a really great big sister!

Amber D. said...

Wow! They are getting so big! BTW I found a really cute costume idea that would look great on Hali([]=tags&includes[]=title%29,). I wouldn't pay the price for it just look at it and make it myself. Talk to you guys later!

Bell's said...

Thanks Amber! Yeah all those costumes would be super easy to make. They are cute too! Thanks for the link.