Friday, August 21, 2009

A few updates

Hali is close to being potty trained which makes me think we should have waited till after the trip to Idaho but oh well. She has been in big girl undies all week, night and day with only two accidents. But her nap time is all screwed up, it's really hard to get her to nap any earlier than 4. I wake her up earlier but she is just cranky till 3 than falls asleep.Most of the time she won't nap at all. We are working on it this week to figure out the best schedule. I need to get back to working out in the morning!
Hali's little personality:
So My brother does not always do what I ask him to do when I tell him... typical. Well I had asked him several times with in a two hour period to turn off the he says to me well I am off to take a shower than to my friends and before I could swallow my food Hali says, "No,you not," then points outside and says "change the" Well he at least listens to her.

Colby is crawling all over the place he can pull himself up on to almost anything. He even tries to stand alone and he can for a few seconds. He can say milk in ASL and touch down. He gives bunks on the head and high fives and he dances to music. He also plays peek a boo. I bet he will be walking around by the end of September. He just loves getting around.

Aaron bought me a notebook computer to do my own work on. It's nice to have cause I can take it where ever the kids are and still print ;) He also bought me an early 5th year wedding anniversary present. He is such a sweetie.

Saturday My friend Ali invited me to ride her horses in lodi. She lives in Reno and doesn't get to see me or them very often so we all went and had a great time. I about killed myself though with in the first 5 mins or so. I guess I might have kicked the horse when putting my foot in the stirrup. The horse, Shelby, took of galloping. I felt like she was going so fast and would have jumped over the fence she was running straight at. luckily I pulled hard enough she listened and stopped. Ali says she does not jump fences though so I would have been okay unless I had fallen off. I learned how to sattel the horse, brush her and clean her feet. I also learned how to make her turn, trot, gallop, stop and go of course. Hali got to ride as well, first with Ali then with Aaron. I would have taken her too but Colby was hungry then it was time for lunch and a party so we had to be going.

So the blog is not uploading the pics right so I will post them soon


kalisarah88 said...

Haha, Hali is so funny! And I just looked through your recent posts and Colby is getting so big! Your kids are the cutest! So, does it get easier with two over time?? Hope you guys are doing well! You're the cutest mom!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Isn't it funny what kids say? They listen so well! Kason cracks us up too with the things he says. I can't believe Colby will be walking soon! Wow. cute kids!