Monday, August 3, 2009

Party Animals!

We have had a few busy moments last week
The best news first Sara had her baby! She was born August 1st 2:50 am. 6.6 lbs. and 19.75 inches. Blue eyes and a little blond hair. She is so adorable! The baby was originally due the 18th but this works out way better because she is on vacation from school for the next three weeks! It just came in that she will be naming her Hannah Rylee Bingham, So Cute!

Hannah Rylee


On Saturday the kids and I went to Mickie Grove park to meet up with my friend April, whom I had not seen in like three years! We had so much fun! She has two adorable kids. I also got to visit with her husbands side of the family and visit with my friend Roberta and her family. We had a lot of catching up to do. There were lots of witlle babies there for Colby to play with.oh when Hali saw the pool full of water she took off all her clothes and jumped in. I had to put her diaper back on for the pics though

Colby and Chase

Hali in the pool

Hali and Samuel

Then we drove back to Stockton for a Birthday party for Hali's friend Madison she was truing two. The kids had a blast with the slide going into the pool and the cupcakes! I loved the cupcakes so Yummy also a great idea for the young birthday parties (note to self) then I stopped by yet another party my friends Anita was having. I couldn't stay long Hali wanted to jump in the pool and I wouldn't know what to do with Colby. By the time we got home I was so exhausted. We all got a little sun burnt too. But it was a fun day!

Hali in the pool

Hali on Madison's new Bike

Colby and Kayleen eating ice cream

The yummy cupcakes!
Colby is now officially crawling as of last night. At the beginning of the week he would crawl out to things with his hands and scoot his legs but he has figured out how to lift them and he loves it.

My Garden is growing like crazy I have way too many zucchinis I have made so much bread, muffins, salads, stir-fry's and grilled zucchini its crazy not to mention I have given away maybe two dozen of them as well. The rest of the garden is going well two. I get two cucumbers a week and a good amount of tomatoes. There are a lot of butter nut squash like 20 a few should be ready in a week or so. There is like 7-9 pumpkins. My cantaloupe fell off the vine before they were ripe so I am waiting for the others to get big:( The raspberries this year never bloomed so I am not sure what happened there. The beets are good though!

Butternut Squash

Small pumpkin

Big pumpkin

plant or weed not sure yet .


Emma said...

Fun times! I'm jealous of your garden.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Sounds fun and I bet you were exhausted! Your garden sounds amazing!