Sunday, May 20, 2012

February- Valentines Day

I love the holidays. My Mom and Dad always made valentines a special day. Weeks in advance Mom and the kids did crafts to decorate the house. I was always so excited when any holiday came mainly because we were preparing for it. I want to do that with my kids too because I had so much fun growing up! Mom always had a fun valentines breakfast and Dad usually had a heartfelt gift for each kid. I remember one year we woke up and there were gigantic heat shaped sugar cookies on the table for each of us. They were decorated with pink frosting and had our name written on them.  

For the kids I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls with bacon for breakfast.

I gave them and daddy a card and 
some home made fortune cookies( fake ones) with I love you fortunes. 
And of course there was candy.

We also made some cake cookies for their friends but I think those pics are on my camera which is in Pocatello. I am putting this here to remind myself to add them and the decorations the kids made.

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