Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hali's B-day

Hali is already 5 and has been way before this day was here. My Miss Hali is very creative and just wants to have fun all day long. She asks every night what are our plans are for tomorrow and makes sure she has a part in making it a fun day. Hali likes to plan out her days which usually include having a friend over, decorating for a party of some kind, doing an art project, going to the park or the YMCA. Most likely though she is  perfectly happy watching her shows,  going to store and helping Mom with dinner. I love that she is very good with her brothers and gets along with all of her friends at church. Hali is such a joy to have and I am blessed to be her mother. I love you Hali Bo-Bali!!
 Hali requested a Monkey cake not just any kind though, this one had to be made out of what monkey's eat. Any guesses??

A banana Cake!!
With chocolate chips for the eyes, nose and mouth.

 Hali wanted to play Monkey games. We played "monkey in the middle" and  "monkey in the jungle" (a version of pin the tail on the donkey) and of course a monkey pinata.

 A big thanks to all the kids that came and made Hali's Birthday a real PARTY!! If she could she would have one everyday.

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