Sunday, May 20, 2012

I love Christmas

The night before Christmas we usually do the Christmas story with the kids and let them open up their PJ's but they fell asleep early. So we didn't get to do that this year. I did get Hali on you tube telling us the Christmas story Christmas Eve Eve, So precious and a bit silly. On Christmas morning I was busy making Christmas breakfast, Oh how yummy!! It is tradition to have a big breakfast before presents. That was a tradition that was always hard as I was little but came to love the anticipation and the enjoyment of making a delicious breakfast with all my sisters and Mom. We would all have pitch in to help. We used our nice dishes and carefully set the table we made eggs, hash browns with gravy and had fresh oranges with orange juice. It was a process but totally worth every minute of it. While I was reminiscing over my Christmas's as a child Colby woke up. I was probably more thrilled and excited for him then he was. "Good morning!! Merrry Christmas Colby!!" He just stood there in his cute little pj's rubbing his eyes because of the bright light in the kitchen. "Good morning, mommy!!" I had him look for the presents from Santa. Santa does not wrap the gifts for the Bell family because he never did for the Rankin family. It took him awhile to find them even though they were in plain view, an easel and play kitchen, pretty big to miss. He loudly played with them the rest of the morning while I made breakfast and listened to Christmas music. After our Christmas breakfast we quickly opened all our presents. Then went to church and a had a wonderful Christmas Program and then were released to go home. We had Summer and Jared's Family over for Christmas Dinner and hung out  for the rest of the day. I made a prime rib roast for the first time, with potatoes!! Summer brought yummy steamed veggies and pistachio pudding salad. We loved having them over. Spending time with family is what makes Christmas, Christmas!
Kids and their stockings from Santa
Liam's 1st Christmas

Stocking From Santa
Gift from Daddy
Gifts From Lizzy!
Gifts from Grandma Rankin
Tinker Bell Stickers from Auntie Eva

Play food from Mommy

                                                          Colby with his new skates!!

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